Workshops & Retreats

Workshops & Retreats

What's the difference between a workshop and a retreat?

The answer is in the question.

Art of Living offers set programs and we can also design one for your organisation or group of family and friends.

Some of the topics we can design for you include
Work/Home Balance
Time Management
Communication Skills
Non Violent Communication
Anger Management
Relationship Skills more

Mindfullness Meditation - 1hr 30 min weekly meeting in Ammanford

NEW 6 week Mindfulness Course beginning in the new year.

Becoming a Self Employed Therapist - 1 day

To register your interest email us now



'Conscious Eating' promotes understanding what is really going on for you and will take you to a deeper level of understanding of your beliefs around food, eating and yourself and the habits and triggers that keep you stuck.

You will learn to listen to your body and decipher the feelings, whether you are really hungry for food or for something else, some unmet need, some form of comfort.

So here's my first challenge to you - Instead of asking yourself why can't I lose weight, ask yourself ...

why do I want to maintain my 'overweight'?

why do I want to maintain my unhealthy or binge eating habits?

Working with a conscious eating coach or counsellor will help you answer these and other questions and support you to STOP struggling and find a healthy balance in your life.

If losing weight was simply about eating too much then surely there wouldn't be such an obesity and ill health epidepic! 

...and surely you wouldn't be struggling so much to keep your weight down and not binge.

There seems to be very little understanding or 'tolerance' for the real issues that surround people with eating and or body image issues. Society is 'brainwashed' to believe that if someone is overweight then they simply need to lose weight i.e. eat less!  You and I know that that is not true.

If you are fed up feeling unhappy with your body and are really ready to tackle the issues once and for all then email us now

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